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Launched in 2012, WAM SHORTS are the Wet and Messy Short Film Creators taking a passion for photography, film and sploshing to create some awesome Wet and Messy movies. 

We work using HD and 4K quality cameras and the finest models willing to get messy.

Looking for more information? Check out our FAQs below or head on over to our Forum where you can ask questions, suggest ideas or just join in the chat.

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  • What type of messy content can I find here?
    It's safe to say this site is NSFW. The majority of the videos on WAM Shorts feature predominantly female models fully clothed, topless and occasionally fully nude while getting pied, gunged and all other types of messy. The content here we’d class as fetish but not porn. The reason we say this is that the videos are not of a sexual nature but are shot for a fetish audience. If you’re looking for something of a more adult nature check out out sister site Hot Messy Fun.
  • Can I model / work for WAM Shorts?
    We release regular updates to our sites and so are constantly casting professional models, amateur models and non models to take part in our messy shoots. Our casting criteria for this site is female aged 18 - 30. Shoots are paid and take place in London, Essex and Midlands areas. If you are interested in working for us or would like more information please email or get in touch via our twitter or instagram. References from previous models available at request. Unfortunately we do not require any extra help on shoots and for the safety and protection of our models all shoots are on closed sets.
  • Is site membership required?
    To purchase videos you must first create a free member account. The free membership allows unlimited streaming of your purchased videos as well as the ability to download them. This also means if you lose your downloaded version you'll always be able to download it again at a later date. You can also purchase certain videos from the UMD too.
  • How do I download videos?
    1 - Click buy video 2 - Click proceed to checkout 3 - Log in to your WAM Shorts account (or sign up for a free account if you don't have one) 4 - Follow the insturctions through to Paypal 5 - You can either use a Paypal account to pay or you can pay as a guest 6 - Once the payment has gone through you now have streaming access of that video(s) and the abilty to download it (to download please click the download button in the bottom right of the video playback screen). (Our videos are now also available on the UMD if you prefer to purchase from there).
  • Do you offer customs?
    Currently we do not offer customs. However, some of the models may offer customs through their own sites, other messy websites or the UMD.
  • I have a really great idea for a messy video, how can I share it with you?"
    That's great. We love hearing ideas for content we could shoot. We often receive emails with great concepts so if you have a great idea then please get in touch.
  • WAM Shorts has been inactive since 2018. Where did you go?
    At the beginning of 2018 we decided to take a hiatus from producing and selling films. This wasn’t an easy decision but was necessary at the time due to a variety of reasons happening behind the scenes in our personal lives on top of a period of rampant pirating of content from our site and our YouTube channel getting removed (we had over a million views on our channel and this was the final straw at the time). We had just completed an overhaul of our video payment system on the website which would allow the site to stay up with out existing video library. In retrospect it wasn’t the simplest system but for the most part it worked. However, it is with deep regret that while we weren’t actively monitoring the site we did have a few orders that were left unfulfilled. We have now reached out to our customers that were affected to complete their outstanding orders. It is with regret that we have allowed this to happen and I'd like to apologise to anyone that has been left unsatisfied by their experience. We hope this won’t deter you from using our website in the future. We’d always hoped to return to the site and to creating messy videos again but only when the time was right so that it could be done properly. One of the few positives to come out of the long period of lockdown in the UK due to COVID19 is that is has given us this chance to rebuild WAM Shorts from the ground up. We have got this awesome new website with built in payment and video download system (no more links being emailed from a third party to access downloads), user accounts so you can keep access to your purchased videos as well as join in the discussion on our new forum and a solid infrastructure that we can build on (we already have streaming and subscription functions built in for future developments of WAM Shorts). We are hugely excited for what's to come and we hope you are too.
  • My question hasn't been answered
    If you have any further questions you can get in touch via our social media channels or email via our contact page. Alternatively, you can ask questions in our forum.
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