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In an effort to combine a quiz & challenge video with Lola back in 2016 we managed to produce something amazing, even if we do say so ourselves. We call it Mess Destruction. Lola had 5 rounds to complete, each with a different challenge and each with a different messy forfeit. Round 1 - Our assistant played Rock, Paper, Scissors with Lola. Best of 3 to win. She lost and received an onslaught of chocolate sauce. Round 2 - Lola had to answer Disney themed trivia questions. With the theme being Disney she became very cocky, little did she know we’d found some crazily hard questions for her. Bring on the custard. Round 3 - Guess The Ice Cream. We held a tub of ice cream above Lola’s head and without looking she had to guess what flavour it could be. If she guesses correctly she avoids it but if she guesses incorrectly we pour it over her. Round 4 - The Blind Taste Test. We blindfolded Lola and fave her 6 different yogurts to taste. She had to guess at least 3 out of the 6 to avoid this rounds mess. It’s harder than you would think and so after only guessing 2 correctly we threw them over her, followed by strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup, thick chocolate sauce and a pie in the face. Round 5 - Guess The Mess. Once again we blindfolded Lola and gave her a trifle to blindly dig her hands into to see if she could identify what it was. She couldn’t and as a result took some whipped cream pies to the face. BONUS CLIP All covered in mess and sitting in the bath waiting to clean up Lola told us how annoyed she was that she didn’t win any of the rounds. Being the lovely people that we are we offered her a 2 round rematch. Rock, Paper, Scissors followed by some quiz questions. Sadly Lola hasn’t learnt her lesson yet and lost both those rounds as well resulting in being covered in single cream and then 3 buckets of green gunge.


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